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WVGTC 2018


Sessions Days & Times

WVGTC is excited to be hosting the 28th Season Greetings Meet.
This Is a Long-Standing Tradition And We Thank You for Attending.
We Would Ask All Coaches and Families To Please Arrive At the 
Gym As Close to “Gym Opens” Times As Possible. Arriving Earlier Because of Possible Backups In Regard to Some Parking Situations. 
We Appreciate Your Cooperation!

Saturday Dec. 8, 2018

SESSION #1 SAT. 12/8 LEVELS 4 & 5(90)

GYM OPENS/Sign in-7:30am Stretch  8am                       Warm-Up 8:25am (Flight 1)

March In 8:45am Meet 8:50am Awards 11:30am

SESSION #2 SAT. 12/8 LEVELS 6,7, & Platinum (69)

GYM OPENS/Sign in-1:15pm Stretch  1:30pm  Warm-Up 1:55pm (Flight 1)  March In 2:15pm Meet 2:25pm Awards 4:30pm

SESSION #3 SAT. 12/8 LEVELS 8, 9, 10 & Diamond (57)

GYM OPENS/Sign in-5:45pm Stretch  6:00pm  Warm-Up 6:30pm (Flight 1)

March In 6:50pm Meet 7:10pm Awards 9:30pm

Sunday Dec. 9, 2018

Click Here for Level 3 Lists For Session 4 & Session 5seasons_greetings_level_3_groups.html

SESSION #5 Sun. 12/9 LEVELS 2, Bronze, &

LEVEL 3 6-9 YEARS   May/3/12---March/27/09         

GYM OPENS(sign in)-1:35pm Stretch 1:50 Warm-Up 2:05pm (Flight 1)

March In  2:20pm Meet 2:30pm Awards  4:25pm


PART OF LEVEL 3=(8)  Feb./3 09 - Oct./10/06)           

GYM OPENS(sign in)-9:00am Stretch  9:15am  Warm-Up 9:35am (Flight 1)

March In 9:45am Meet 9:55am Awards  11:50pm