Birthday Party Rules, Agreement, & Contract

This form must be completed, signed & deposit paid before WVGTC will be obligated to provide the time, date, space, supervisor, or any other Birthday Party services.


Host Parent__________________ Phone #____________


Party for___________________  _____________________


Party Day___________Date________Time_______to________


Number of Guests_______ Cost__________($200.00 30 guest regardless of age.)


WVGTC Supervisor________________Assistant_____________

               Supervisor Gymnastics Instructor?  Yes_____No_____

  (A non “gymnastics instructor” may not supervise gymnastics activities and specific gym stations or areas. If this is be part of your party a  “gymnastics instructor must be requested) WVGTC Birthday Parties will have a standard time block of two hours.

The two hours are divided into the following segments:

15 minutes to set-up, 1 hour of gym activities, 1/2 hour for refreshments, gifts, etc. (in the lobby or dance room), 15 minutes clean up. These segments are not to be altered.

WVGTC will provide tables, chairs, and one hour of gym activities. Activities must be coordinated before the party day between the Host Parent and the WVGTC Supervisor.



The Host Parent is responsible for decorations, food, drinks, etc. The Host Parent must sign the WVGTC release form and agree to the standards and accept all liabilities stated and implied for all guests.

Payment must be made at the conclusion of the party. Adjustments will be made for additional guests. There will not be any refunds for a fewer number of guests projected, requiring an assistant supervisor.

Deposit: A $50.00 deposit is required to register a party prior to the party date. (non-refundable)

                                                              GYM RULES

1.   Party guests must follow posted lobby rules.

2.   Party guests must not play outside.

3.   Guests must not use any gymnastics equipment without proper WVGTC staff supervision.

4.   No food or drinks in gym.

5.   No shoes in the gym.

6.   No flips of any kind anywhere.

7.   Upstairs area is off limits unless it is a designated party area.

8.   Adults are not to play on the equipment, flip, or attempt stunts! Individuals 18+ years are not to participate in activities due to our insurance restrictions.

9.    PLEASE NO BALLS. (we have had too many lights, speakers, etc. damaged)

 HOST PARENT__________________________DATE_____________DEPOSIT______


WVGTC REGISTRATION PERSON_______________________

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