The G-Force boys finish  off their state meet in great fashion with our level 4 boys team finishing in second place and without any other      G-Force team entries the rest of the individual kids did a fantastic job.

                                      Floor  P. Horse  Rings  Vault  P. Bars  H. Bar   AA

Diego Rodriguez                   1st       1st          1st       1st      2nd       1st       1st

Dainan Werner                      2nd      2nd         2nd      2nd   2nd        2nd      2nd

Tristan Cantrell                     4th       2nd        4th        7th     4th        4th       4th

Mason Merick                        3rd       4th          2nd      5th     3rd        2nd      3rd

Connor Vira                           6th       2nd         2nd      6th      1st        5th       4th

Brock Gibson                         1st        1st         1st       1st      1st        1st       1st

Evan Barnette                        1st        1st         1st       1st      1st        1st       1st                  

Luke Hawranick                     3rd       3rd          2nd     2nd     2nd       3rd       3rd

Aaron Stasko                         1st        1st          1st      3rd      3rd        2nd      2nd

Kyle Lukaesko                       1st        1st          1st       1st      1st        1st       1st

Collin Claycomb                    2nd      2nd         2nd      2nd     2nd        1st      2nd

Lucas Howell                          1st        1st         1st       1st      1st        2nd      1st

All of the eight boys eligible to qualify for regionals   qualified and made the trip to New Jersey for the region 7 championships. The following boys placed on events at this championship where it is not unusual to have at least 80 boys in a particular age group and level.

Brock Gibson 4th on Floor, Connor Vira 13th on Pommel Horse, Jackson Holden 2nd on Rings/ 8 on High Bar, Lucas Howell 2nd on Rings/7th on Pommel Horse/10th on P. Bars Luke Hawranick 8th on Pommel Horse/8th on Rings/6th on Vault/5th on P. Bars  Aaron Stasko 9th on Pommel Horse/9th on High Bar 

willKyle Lukaesko 7th on Floor/3rd on High Bar/9th All Around. Kyle also qualified for the Junior Olympic national championships as a level 10. The championships were held in Kissimmee Florida.


May 22, 2017